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To tempt you


Bacon and egg burger 10.5

smoked bacon, free range cheesy egg, aloe salsa and greens (GF +$ 2)

Dill and feta pie (v+gf)  8

take home

A daily selection of nutritious and satisfying meals for everyone

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All day Toasty’s

pork star 9

pulled pork, apple sauce, house pickled onion and cheese

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The Café (reborn)

We have changed the way we bring you our fantastic coffee and amazing food. We can’t offer you a seat, but we have the same friendly staff and we are dedicated to being there for your daily Food Smith fix to takeaway.

We practice all regulatory measures to ensure we provide you a safe environment to visit during the COVID-19 crisis

take home meals and Pantry

one can not think well, love well, be well or sleep well if one does not eat well

We create nutritious and satisfying meals every day for you to take home

soups, pastas, curries, pastries and sweets

We also stock a range of pantry items that we make in house or source for you to enjoy. Treat yourself or buy a surprise for someone who can’t come out

 we love variety too.  So let us know what you’ld like for dinner

Marvel St Specialty coffee

Coffee is both science and passion. From the grower nurturing the tree right through the process of drying, selection, transportation and storage to the roasting at Marvell St coffee roasters and finally producing a cup the way you like it right here at Food Smith. We serve specialty blends to create smooth creamy milk coffees and offer blends and single origins for those who like it black.